About FAF


The Board of Trustees of the historic First African Church, purchased the property at the corner of Short and Deweese Streets in 1833. The building was constructed in 1856 during a time of bondage for most of its members. At that time it was the largest congregation (black or white) in the state. The church has its “roots” in the congregation gathered by Peter Durrett in 1790. This remarkable assembly formed the source of nearly all African American Baptist congregations in Central Kentucky and represents the oldest Black congregation west of the Alleghenies and in the state of Kentucky.


The development and implementation of programs and exhibits that reach out and engage the entire community. A particular interest will be that of Lexing ton’s historic “East End.” We seek to sponsor a qual ity music/string training program for Black and Latino students starting in the Kindergarten years, providing them with instruments, group and private instruction, study of classical and traditional music, and providing first-rate musical training. This would be a K-12 program.


Performances sharing a multi-faceted perspective on African American music, featuring: classical, jazz, gospel, spiritual, blues, bluegrass, folk, traditional, and more!


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